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Press release: Contact Tracer for Business

Press release: Contact Tracer for Business

Daw Software, LLC. announced their enterprise solution Contact Tracer for Business to its contact & proximity tracing platform Contact Tracer, a part of its Daw Software portfolio. The new solution addresses organizations' safety concerns in our «new world of work». It helps to avoid losses caused by downtime due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the company. Telling the director who could be infected but shows no symptoms, Contact Tracer for Business advises who of the employees should be quarantined to stop the spreading of the virus and who can go on working. The solution includes a dashboard, reporting, device management, and is available both on-premise & cloud. These features embody Daw Software's commitment to help businesses to simplify day-to-day activities.

"When we first launched our Contact Tracer app for individuals, we focused on what people need most immediately to save themselves from COVID-19: confidentiality and accuracy. Later we found that enterprise companies were looking for similar solutions that can help them to stop the spread of COVID-19 inside of the company without total quarantine and shutdown of a company.  With a combination of Contact Tracer app’s algorithms on evaluation risks and Bluetooth tags, it does both," said Alexander Kozhevnikov, Chief Business Development Officer, Co-Founder, Daw Software, LLC.

Using individual Bluetooth tags or the mobile app, employees can continue working as they did. In case of security & confidentiality, it’s recommended to use tags, but if an employer has given his employees’ company smartphones, they can be used too.

Contact Tracer for Business' server analyses all the «contacts» between employees. When employees are close to each other for a certain time, their devices exchange Bluetooth signals and fix the «contact». Brand new RiskPropNet algorithm compares proximities, durations and number of contacts to determine who needs to be isolated or quarantined in several seconds after the authorized person marks the employee as «infected».

The dashboard makes reporting and notifications. By opening it, an authorized person can see reports about people that should be sent for quarantine, already quarantined and potential spreaders. With the reporting, the solution saves around 10 hours of manual data entry per month, to say nothing about the accuracy of happened contacts between people. 

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